Lost Item No.: 1088149 - John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, US

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John F Kennedy International Airport, JFK, New York, US, (Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Idlewild)
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Grey MacBook Pro 15.4 inch laptop with stickers on the top. It also has a sticker of a dog next to the touchpad on the left. It is inside a black neoprene case - the inside of the case is light blue. Last time I remember seeing it was on the 29th of May 2018, around 9pm (I can’t recall the exact time) in Terminal 1, the security area near the Norwegian check-in area. I was going through security where all hold luggage is scanned. I remember putting it in a white box/bin by itself so that it could be scanned. I don’t remember seeing/carrying it up from this point. I have attached a proof of purchase receipt which contains it’s details and serial number. I also have its box and tangible receipt, which I can take pictures of and send if it’s needed (the system won’t let me upload more than 1). Thank you
London, United Kingdom
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