Lost Item No.: 1110770 - John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, US

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John F Kennedy International Airport, JFK, New York, US, (Manhattan, New York City, NYC, Idlewild)
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Tuesday, July 2, 2019
TO AIR CHINA BAGGAGE SERVICE. THIS is totally unethical behavior of Air China baggage department it's like 12 days everyday I am sending mail and make phone calls but there is no response you every time every person tells new stories some time says my bag didn't got scanned at Beijing Airport and next days says my bag is still at JFK New York Airport. Next day got the mail that my bag is found and coming on flight CA 947 ON 13 JULY WILL ARRIVE AT 1.35 AM ON 14 JULY BUT NOTHING IS TILL NOW GOT THE PICTURE BUT THAT BAG IS NOT MINE. Is this is the way you handle bags for Business class passengers so now what ever is the way please try to locate my bag ASAP send me the pictures WHAT ever bags you are holding at the airport I really need this to be done ASAP. we are family of four Traveled on 2 July on Business Class from JFK to DEL. we have booked 6 bags from which we received 5 bags still 1 bag is missing on 2 July i have talked to lost and found at the Delhi Airport as they said will get my lost bag on Sunday is the latest flight but after that i have called them at Air China Lost baggage but there is no response from them every time they says that it will come on next flight and when i asked them that track and tell me where is my bag now but they are not answerable on that they says we can track it. Please take Quick action on this matter so i kindly request please look into this matter and resolve it ASAP. ITS A BIG BAG SOFT TOP BLACK COLOUR BAG AND ON THE TOP POCKETS ARE OF DARK GREEN COLOUR. MY FLIGHT BOOKING REF : CA/ MYCQG6 TICKET NO 9992987282766 TAG NO CA 785313 Reena Sethi REF NO DELCA 17882 Flight details from JFK TO DEL ON 2ND JULY CA 982 JFK TO PEK CA 947 PEK TO DEL Name of all four Passenger GAURAV SETHI REENA SETHI YUVRAJ SETHI VEERAJ SETHI Attachments area